Perseverance (Jan 7, 2022)

‘Perseverance’ is a mouthful, as if, in the very length and breadth and depth of the word, the implication of the behavior it exhorts us to is being (barely) contained.

Life is difficult. For everyone. In different ways, at different scales. Our modern culture feeds us the toxic narrative that others have it easy and it was unearned. Ask any successful person and if they answer from a place of authenticity (and not a kitschy, 7-second, hortatory newsbite), they will tell you about the hours and days of effort, of pushing through doubt and lack of hope, of blood, sweat, and tears.

There is no getting up without falling down. Keep falling down. Keep getting up. Repeat.

#careersuccess #lifesuccess #removingbarriers

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