Micro-micro-micro goals & strength development mindset (6.22.20)

My new (old) career success tool: taking life day at a time. It’s been rough times these days, for pretty much everyone. Having written many to-do lists and having failed to do anything much with them for days (weeks, really) now, my new strategy is to focus on micro-micro-micro goals & strength-development mindset. 
E.g.1: counting backwards even once from 10-1 with my eyes closed, and mind focused on ‘breath in, breath out’ now counts toward my daily ‘meditation’ quota. Repeat as possible. But even one round counts. 🤣
E.g., 2: after a painful couple of weeks of not writing (at all, which is a very painful place to be because I love, love, love words), I told myself today that I will write ONE word for my next blog post before I go to bed tonight. So, that is exactly what I did. Wrote. Down. One. Word. Then (of course) it became 2, and then 3+, ultimately leading to this paragraph on what I think of as ‘the strength-development mindset’ (as opposed to the deficit mindset):
One career and life success strategy is teaching ourselves to train, and work from our strengths. Grow in what we already do well (by nature, or what has been nurtured over time). Not much point working from a place of lack and trying to ‘fix’ ‘weaknesses.’ The practice is to focus on what we are already good at, and then become better & better.
Too many of us spend too much of our career-lives trying to ‘fix’. Perhaps, we can focus half that every into growing better at what is already our innate strengths. The fact is, few of really know what we are doing strategy-wise most of the time anyway. Might as well give this strategy a shot. 
Resource: Good book to read/YouTube videos to review: Strengths Finder 2.0. 

3 Replies to “Micro-micro-micro goals & strength development mindset (6.22.20)”

  1. This post seems to echo what so many of us may feel as we live under the shadow of this horrible pandemic, because it has “been rough.”
    And thinking about ways that we may encourage ourselves may not necessarily work for us today, as it did yesterday…
    So that may be why some of us may do better when we think about people who may encourage us – and how they find their own motivations.
    Thank you for sharing what helps you.


  2. Yes! Leap. See yourself dancing through the leaves. Atop the trees. Afraid yet unafraid. Crying yet Smiling brightly. Showing off your sunshine. Glowing right through the night ’till daybreak. Giving more easily.


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