My Professional Story

1. COMPETENCIES: (a) career and academic counseling; (b) professional training; mentoring; teaching; (c) program development, management, and assessment; (d) writing.

2. Professional SUCCESS: I have a proven track record of working effectively with graduate and undergraduate, international and domestic, first generation, traditional, second language, and students with disabilities as well as with professionals, staff, faculty, and administration across disciplines/professions. I work at the meta-level, teaching students HOW (not what) to think/engage/grow.

3. INTERESTS: career development in higher education and beyond; grief counseling; composition and rhetoric; learning theories; neurobiology; blogging; starting & running an educational consultancy non-profit (; mindfulness as a tool for meaningful work & being.

4. Life Philosophy: “Give a person a fish, and you feed her for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you feed her for a lifetime.”

5. Mindset: I passionately, intentionally, and mindfully practice and teach an Asset Model (as opposed to a Deficit Model) approach to living, learning, working, and being.

6. What I Have Learned: Students have far many more skills, competencies, and abilities than they are aware of. My life’s work, as a career counselor and educator, is to facilitate each and every student to discover and put into practice skills, values, and professional promise. This work is transformational. The work I do aspires to empower people on the inside, organically, as WHOLE people. That work, in turn, transforms me, humbles me, and teaches me, every single day.

7. Life Goal: My greatest hope for each student I assist is that I teach them to think, learn, and do for themselves as individuals and responsible community members/global citizens, and pay forward in meaningful, thoughtful, and constructive ways by drawing on the socio-cultural-economic privileges they have each benefitted from.

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