The Mission of ADPS, L.L.C. is to train and coach high school & college students and new professionals in strategies that help address mindset barriers, pursue academic and professional success, and implement financial success, wealth growth, and social mobility plans to find life satisfaction as individuals in community in a complex, fluid global marketplace.

Dr. Maya Sanyal is founder and CEO of AlkaDevika Project Solutions (ADPS), L.L.C.  Maya has a Ph.d. in English Literature & an MA in Counseling. With 15+ years experience teaching, advising, and counseling students in college, graduate school, high school, and new careers, Maya uses evolving knowledge from fields like neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, and positive psychology to educate her clients (and her self) on strategies to move beyond feeling stuck and practicing growth mindset, resilience, and hope.

With humor and authenticity, she educates students to learn and practice tools and strategies for career and financial success that are grounded in theory and proven in practice.

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