The food negotiation

Boochie’s Journal, 8.1.20 (day 2)

Dear Hoomans,

I’m settling in rather nicely as Boochie (or Booch) Sanyal. Mommy has discovered that I’m really, really, REALLY a puppy (barely a year old) and she finds this both wonderful, and a wee bit disconcerting since my older sister Brandi (who is now chasing squirrels in Happy Doggy Land) came to her fully formed and housebroken at 4 years old while I need to go out to pee every 3-4 hours and had one mini accident on the carpet yesterday (mommy was very nice about it, and only gave me a quick command to stop and took me out).

Mommy & I are duking it out with the dry food deal. I have made it quite clear that I’m not a fan. It’s going to be interesting to see how mommy & I navigate this new landscape of doggie-human food related communication. I’m well hydrated and snacking on yogurt, and have pooped more than it would seem possible for my size. I’m going to carry on Brandi’s legacy in this department, clearly.

As with most things in mommy’s life, I exemplify existential complexity. I was born in Texas in June 2019. I was almost put in a kill shelter (an oxymoron, if EVER there was one!), then rescued and brought to the lovely people at NY Pet Rescue in Harrison, NY (the same place where she adopted Brandi 11 years ago)🙏🏽. I stayed with a couple of foster homes the last few months, and then became the first dawg of the Sanyal family yesterday! 💃🏽💃🏽

As also with most things in mommy’s life, I exhibit identity complexity, as well. My Texas papers claim I am a Terrier-Corgi mix. My NY Pet Rescue papers say I’m a Basset Hound – German Shepherd mix. Truth be told, I don’t particularly care what I am. What matters is that we promptly figure out who’s going to win the food battle (me, methinks!)

Stay tuned for more. And to follow a few of my mommy’s favorite Instagram dawgs, please visit @olive_thedane, @anabelles_army, and @emmarooonlyhastwo. They all need your wishes & prayers.

Sending you tail wags and wet kisses, — Booch.

2 Replies to “The food negotiation”

  1. Dear Aunt Vanessa, thank you. I must say, I’m pretty glad to be out of the kill-happy wilds of TX, as well. And I fear that my mommy shares the same sentiment as you about my food pickiness. I will keep you updated. For now, I’m happily napping on the bed (the crate is not my favorite place though, I suspect, most of my nights are going to be spent in it… Sigh. Tail wag, — Booch. 💕


  2. Dear Booch,
    Hello! Lovely to meet you! So glad to know that you made it safely from the kill-happy wilds of Texas into the loving arms of the Sanyal family. None of your identities strike me as being well suited for the violence that abounds in Texas. Thank goodness you’re out of there! Even better, into the hooman arms of a family that will cherish all of your parts, and you as a whole. You’re now part of a proud legacy, and will no doubt come to learn more about your predecessor Brandi as time goes on. For now, I hope that you can settle into a comfortable, fun routine with the Sanyal clan. I know you’ll work out the food thing when you’re ready and come to realize that that’s all there is to eat. Its easy – when you’re hungry enough, anything tastes good! Looking forward to meeting you face to face soon! Your new friend, Vanessa 👍🏾🙏🏾🐕🐾💕


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