The Food Negotiation, Part II (Aug 1, 2020)

Post meal happiness video:

I won. Mommy mixed me yummy chicken broth with chicken pieces and a bit of rice. I hadn’t eaten for almost 24 hours (except nibbles of kibble and yoghurt here and there) and she decided nutrition first, training later.

Boochie: 1; Mommy: 1.

In this video I am active, but as I am writing, I am going out like a light.

I think I’m going to like my new mommy.

On a related note: sending a quick prayer for all the puppers & kitties and hoomans & all other sentient beings who are going hungry and/or homeless.

A metta prayer for each and every one of them:

May they not suffer.

May they not suffer.

May they not suffer. 💕

Tail wags & wet kisses,

The Boochie Dawg 🐾🐾

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