On finding ‘drive’ (7.31.20)

On finding ‘drive.’

I didn’t have the drive and passion for living that I do today in my 20s & 30s. I was mostly deeply depressed, and just kept doing what was in front of me. Now, at almost 45, I’m in a very different place emotionally, and have the tools to create helpful stories and belief systems in my mind that give me ‘drive.’

I’m still deeply aware that existentially speaking, in the really large scheme of things (say, 5000 years) none of it matters. Where our actions & finding drive DOES matter, however, is in the NOW. Living life well NOW, helping as best as we can NOW, planning for a better future NOW, following our dreams (tempered with reason) NOW — all of that makes a tremendous difference in the quality of life today for ourselves, and those we care about.

In the NOW, we matter, and we belong. In the NOW, we create lives where we help others feel that they matter and belong (could be working a blue collar job and helping others acquire what they believe they need, growing your own tomatoes, or fostering dogs & cats or human children). In finding drive to live life well in the NOW, we give others, and ourselves courage to LIVE tomorrow.

Doing that consistently, in tiny ways, is enough ‘drive.’ It doesn’t have to be a Maserati-level drive every single moment. A donkey-cart drive is more than enough for most of our moments.

And every now and then, when we least expect it, a Maserati-level drive will find us.

#careersuccess #removingbarriers #findingcourage #havinghope #lifeisajourney #alkadevikaprojectsolutions

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