On #Courage (Jan 7, 2022)

We live in a distracted, and distracting world. We live in a world of overwhelm. We live in a world of loudness, of seeking and wanting attention, of speaking more and #listening little — even to our own, inner, quiet wise-voices. We live in a world that tells us that we must improve, must fix, must do better. We live in a world that says #contentment is a sign of weak will, and that endless, mindless hustle is a sign of character. We live in a world of toxic messages that destroy us, inside and out.

And in all this noise, in the face of the pursuit of the big proof of our worth and success, we forget the value of quiet things, of little things, of gentle things.

Courage isn’t always loud. It’s not always brash and overt and overwhelming. It’s not always attention seeking. Many small acts of courage, enacted every day, hold just as much value as building up to the grand event that we are all trained to look for and offer.

Every day that we get up and try again, that’s courage. Not giving up is courage. Doing things despite fears of them not adding up to anything is courage. Resilience and grit is courage. Keeping the faith is courage. Doing it despite wanting to give up is the ultimate courage.

You are courageous. Don’t let anyone, ever tell you otherwise.

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