Challenging toxic narratives (Jan 3, 2022)

TL; DR: If it’s easy, it’s (almost always) suspect.

Purposeful living — building things (a career, a family, a boat) is challenging.

We have been been conditioned to believe in the false narrative that life is easy for ‘everybody else,’ and if any of us finds growth to be challenging, it is a personal fault.

Learning well — really well — is challenging. Gaining self awareness is challenging. Doing well in school, searching for internships and jobs, succeeding at work in ways that give us a sense of purpose and satisfaction — these are all meant to be challenging.

Our culture has trained us to believe that unless it is easy, we are doing something wrong — a slippery slope to we are ‘wrong’ in our very being.

The opposite is most often the truth. Anything that has worth and merit — a well written paper, a well done project — is going to be challenging.

Let us teach, and practice #discomforttolerance and #resilience. Let us learn and teach facing challenges and strategizing how to work through them.

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