The Boochie Chronicles, Dec. 30, 2021: Now & Then

Dear Hoomans:

It has been a long while since I visited here and said hello to y’all. Mea culpa. Time goes by and things happen before you can say ‘treat!’ But, I wanted to gently re-practice communing with you, so here are snippets of things that have happened, with some pupper wisdom thrown in:

1. The Booch (that’s me) had his second bday on July 31, 2021. I is now a full-grown dawg. A pupper no more, I have developed a highly reserved personality and sit in the back seat of the car, looking regal. Mommy says I look like a ‘raja beta‘ — (that’s Hindi for prince). I’m pretty sure she does not mean it as a compliment, but according to reader response theory, I get to interpret it in whichever way I want, so I’m like, ‘booyah!’

2. I continue to be not a fan of car rides, a state of being both mommy and I had hoped I would outgrow. Thankfully, I will soon be on doggy Prozac, which I am looking forward to because mommy really, really loves to drive and I really, really like being with mommy.

3. The pesky virus named covid that upended life in March 2020 continues to whup hooman ass. We puppers know it’s been a very difficult time for y’all, and just want to say, hang in there. What is a ‘now’ will become a ‘then.’ Puppers’ promise.

4. I went to stay with my aunt & uncle in Maryland for an endless number of weeks (so it seemed) in Sept-Oct. while mommy went to visit grandma after many years (7, to be exact) in Kolkata, India. I had a lot of fun, and many moments of missing mommy. Neither hoomans nor puppers do well with random abandonment, even when they continue to be with other beings who deeply care for them.

BUT, being with hoomans who spoiled me a LOT beats being in a kennel any day.

It’s always, always about perspective.

5. bell hooks died.

6. Mommy tried to turn me into a reindeer. She failed. I wasn’t impressed. I don’t get this hooman obsession with trying to be made into something they are not. What’s wrong with my beautiful Boocher self, I ask you?

6. There’s a lot of hubhub about something called ‘the new year.’ To us puppers, every moment is a new year, and every new year is a moment. The really important question is: where’s my treat?

I need to go wake mommy now. Talking of treats has made me hungry.

Eat well, and sleep well. Times be stressful, and extra self care is 100% merited.

Lots of love & tail wags, — The Booch

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