The No-Kibble Movement (Aug 8, 2020)

The Boochie Journals, August 8, 2020. Saturday. 1 pm

Dear Hoomans,

I am posting this letter I sent today morning to the Puppers’ Worldwide Association in LOUD protest against kibbles on the weekend. I have behaved beautifully the last two days. Ate my kibbles quietly during mealtimes (mostly because I’ve been going on pretty long walks and chasing squirrels and growling at hapless birds and prancing around like a pony and pooping half my weight, all 20 pounds of it, and all of that is exhausting work). But today is Saturday, and even though I had a 2 mile walk in the morning, I have decided that it is time for me to protest, on principle, against kibbles on the weekend. Even though Mommy mixed the kibbles with peanut butter. I’m not getting sidetracked. No, sir-ee! No chicken, no meal.

Saturdays are special days, and must be declared to be chicken-only days. Same for Sundays. (Same for Mondays through Fridays, but it is important to be strategic and plan for one anti-kibble petition at a time).

Fellow puppers, I invite you to sign this petition with your 🐾.

Hoomans, please make sure your pupper’s petition gets to my Mommy.

As we puppers are wont to be, I am profoundly hopeful and optimistic that Mommy will see the data and accept that no-kibbles weekend is a valid ask.

In the meanwhile, I continue to be on hunger strike and in huffy sleep mode.

I love you all.

May the no-kibble force be with you.

— Boochie the Pupper Advocate

#itsadogslife🐾 #nokibble #puppersjournal #nodogleftbehind

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