The early morning walk story (8.2.20)

Boochie Journal, Aug 2, 2020. 9.30 pm.

Dear Hoomans,

I wanted to write this entry myself but as you can see, I’m a little busy right now. I sent mommy an insta message before going off to chase squirrels in my sleep, giving her permission to post on my behalf. Mommy texted me back to say she will start a Google Sheet and charge me two kisses for every minute of writing I ask of her. I have no idea what a Google Sheet is, but I think that’s a fair enough deal.

My day started early, at 4.30 am, when mommy used an alarm clock to wake herself up to take me out. She was bleary eyed & half asleep. I was, of course, instantly awake. That’s a magic we puppers have-we can go from deep sleep to 100% attention in less than a second. (We puppers have a lot of magic about us. As we discuss in our weekly worldwide pupper community meetings (lately via D-Zoom, the doggy version of Zoom), we aren’t always sure why cats were made. Ah, well. Some mysteries will never be solved, even by us.)

It was really nice out that early in the morning as we started our walk. I think mommy was mostly on autopilot and following the footpath, but don’t tell her I thought so. It’s been a while since she’s had to be up at that hour.

Something a little unpleasant happened on our walk back. A fellow pupper who was hanging out on his porch got super mad at me & yelled for no reason I could see. I was not anywhere near his territory. I got very scared and jumped & tucked my tail in. I’m not used to the big city dogs who yell for no reason other then a pup walking by, minding his own business. Mommy had to talk nicely to me for a while until my tail got untucked. I eventually got over the fright and chased some birds (couldn’t catch any, but that’s ok. Tomorrow is another day).

I feel a little sad when I think about the incident. I wonder how much of the ‘getting yelled at for no reason’ had to do with the fact that I’m an an actual pup AND new on the block. I’m a friendly, gentle pupper. Didn’t deserve to be yelled at like that. I think I’ll ask mommy to go on a different route tomorrow. Too much hangama (Hindi for drama) for early mornings.

😴😴I love you all. Even the cats. 🐾🐾 Boochie

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