Waiting for Midnight (8.1.20)

Boochie’s Journal, 8.1.20, 10.35 pm

Dear Hoomans:

I had a very exciting and tiring day. We went for 3 walks, and a car ride to the Indian grocery store. I couldn’t go inside, but smelled the delicious spices while mommy made a video of me hanging out in the passenger seat of the car.

I’m still a pup and getting the hang of enjoying the wind in my face when the window is down. I like it, mostly and am a little unsure about it, also. Mommy was very careful and drove slowly with the windows halfway up so that I don’t feel overwhelmed.

I also peed 6 times during my evening walk and started marking my territory with determination. Mommy is training me to heel and walk next to her, and I keep getting distracted by squirrels and birds and things I can snack on from the road. I guess mommy doesn’t get mad because she knows ALL about distraction & hoomans. She’s got this (crazy) idea that she will teach me to meditate. 🤣🤣 Silly mommy. 🤣🤣 Puppers are already master meditators. We always live in the present moment. I need to send mommy an Insta message to remind her. Hoomans suffer a lot from Distracted Syndrome and need all the help they can get, the poor dears.

I’m pretty tuckered out tonight, as you can see. I’ll have to go out once more, around midnight because so far, I can hold my pee for about 4 hours max, and mommy wants to get a few hours’ sleep at night before she has to take me out again at 4 or 5 am. I am happily napping now, and mommy is up, knitting, so that she can stay awake. I feel a little bad for her. But not all that much. I gave her a lot of begging stares when she was having dinner and didn’t get a crumb. So, hmmpphhhh.

I’ll bid you goodnight, hoomans. I hope & pray that each one of you has a restful, peaceful night and dreams filled with squirrels chased and birds bothered.

Woof and a big tail wag, 🐾🐾

— Boochie

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