On Mindset

(Or, training to Set Our Minds and ensure productive, helpful career and life choices.)

Our mindset (belief systems and thinking patterns) impacts how we respond to every situation, and the behaviors we choose as a part of that response.

Mindset impacts behaviors; behaviors impact outcomes; how we interpret those outcomes (based on our mindset) triggers the next cycle of belief systems, thoughts, and behaviors. And so the cycle continues.

Our belief systems can be examined and reframed. Our thoughts can be examined and trained. Our mindset is plastic, and can be carefully nurtured to shift from being unhelpful to helpful, leading to productive thinking and behavioral choices.

Mindsets to practice that help with career (and life) success:

  1. Abundance Mindset (vs. scarcity)

Believing, and consciously choosing to think that there are more than enough opportunities for internships and jobs out there. This mindset keeps us motivated to network, apply, and interview, leading to successfully landing a role.

  1. Positive Mindset (vs. negative)

Believing, and consciously choosing to think that a positive outcome IS possible (rather than defaulting to assuming and fearing a negative outcome), and training our minds to reframe a ‘negative’ into a reasonable ‘positive.’ This mindset keeps us motivated to do the work it takes to land internships and jobs, and succeed in them (and in life).

3. Growth Mindset (vs. fixed)

Thinking and believing that we are capable of growth and learning at every stage of life, and through every ‘challenge.’ This mindset motivates us to focus on life-long learning, flexibility in a changing work world, and adaptability to new demands & skills, creating opportunities for career (and life) success.

(Photo credit: Brain with gears; https://lnkd.in/eK7D5Yub)

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