The Boochie Diaries, Aug 13, 2020: The Eternally Hopeful Bird Chaser

The Boochie Diaries, Aug 13, 2020. Thursday, almost midnight.

Dear Hoomans,

Mommy claims I’m snoring but it’s actually the sound of my paw typing. 🐾 It has been a busy few days in the Boochie household. I have been a very hot dog every time I’ve gone out for walks. I have chased many birds. They are really good at knowing when I’m coming and they fly away as soon as they see the tip of my tail. I’m trying to get better at camouflage and a stealthy approach. It’s a work in progress.

I’m also getting better at eating my kibbles, and mommy is glad about that. And, as of yesterday, I have started jumping up on the sofa to try and snack mommy’s (much more delicious) food. So far, as with the birds, I have been thwarted. No matter. Tomorrow is another day. The birds (and mommy’s food plate) will be there, and I’m a VERY patient pupper. 😬😬

I have discovered that the balcony is my favorite place in the apartment (apart from the bed, the sofa, and the carpet). I like to stick my nose out through the railings and keep an eye on the endless activity on Route 17. There are flashing ambulances and impatient drivers who honk loudly at everyone. NJ drivers seem very grumpy and very rushed (they honk a LOT). I’m not really sure what all the hurry is about, but that’s a question for the next Puppers’ Organization Worldwide meeting.

I am having fun on my walks with mommy but get easily confused and scared at all the noise. Mommy has assured me that I will slowly get used to most of the chaos. I didn’t look very convinced, and she added that as a pretty gentle pupper, I might find it a bit overwhelming for a long time, and that that is perfectly ok. I was sitting with my tail tucked in and my ears down after a recent walk and mommy noticed and gave me a cuddle and a treat and said it’s perfectly fine if I always stay a bit tentative and turtle-ish. She loves me for exactly who I am.

This was a bit of a relief, tbh, because I don’t think I’ll ever be a very brave dog. I am a bit of a scaredy cat pupper. I was returned from my last adoptive home before I found mommy, and I was deeply worried for a while. I’m really, really glad that mommy isn’t disappointed in me and isn’t going to send me back to shelter. That was a very painful part in my young life and while I try not to think too much about it, I would be lying if I said it doesn’t still hurt quite a bit. But now I have mommy & her cuddles and I think I’ll be ok, after all.

On another bright note, I am mostly sleeping through the nights now, from midnight to almost 8 am. This has made mommy very grateful since sleep deprivation was starting to make her a bit loopy. I don’t nap a lot during the day, so I’m pretty tuckered out by the time it’s about 10.30 or 11 pm. Yet, I refuse to sleep until mommy comes to bed, too. Someone has to get her sleep schedule into ship shape, don’t you think?

Quick Pupper Service Announcement (PSA): if you happen to bring a pupper home from the shelter, you are really doing something beautiful and wonderful. Give your new pup a bit of time to settle in before deciding that you need to send her or him back to the shelter. We displaced pups have often gone through a lot without understanding what happened and why, and it might take us time to come out of our shell and stop being wary and scared or anxious or have a few accidents indoors. Like many other sentient creatures, most of us puppers learn to belong and thrive with some nurturing, patience, and trust in the process. And we come with hearts that know only pure love. So, please give us a chance.

I’m pretty tuckered out, so I’ll bid adieu for now. I’ll be back with more Boochie adventures very soon.

Lots of love and tail wags. Wishing you deep sleep and many snores,

— Boochie.🐾

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