Equity, not equality (7.25.20)

Let’s talk about what really matters: EQUITY.

EQUITY is even more important than equality. Equality is giving all students in a classroom a pair of size 10 shoes. It’s equal resource but not of much help to a student with a different shoe size. The playing field isn’t made any better with an ‘equal’ resource allocated to them.

EQUITY is what we need to ensure a genuine and fair, level, playing field. Equity is harder work because it means measuring the show size for each student and providing them that. When the shoe fits right, then talking about ONE factor of a ‘level’ playing field actually makes sense.

Too much time and energy is wasted discussing equality. (And let’s not even start thinking about the oxymoronic ‘separate but equal’ empty catchphrase, or the ‘tolerance is better than intolerance’ insult).

It’s time to train ourselves to understand, and carefully, compassionately, and logically discuss equity. Equity matters. Equity work is social justice work.

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Video: Equity & Equality

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