Know your skills. Own your skills. (7.17.20)

Career success hack, 7.17.20:

1. Know your skills.

2. Own your skill.

3. Speak your skills.

Students will often walk into my office, plop down on the chair, and say with a heavy sigh, ‘I’m trying to apply for jobs (or internships) but I have no skills.’

My response: ‘I very respectfully disagree.’

As successful professionals in the making, we need to be very, very clear about our skillset and highly practiced at talking about it with different audiences. How do we do this? For a short, starter discussion, please watch the YouTube video (link in comments). If you enjoy the message, please subscribe to my YouTube channel for ongoing fun and substantive discussions on how to achieve academic & career success.

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YouTube video here: Knowing & Owning Your Skills

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