Removing barriers: intentional mindset (5.29.20)

#1. Remove barrier: counter negative mental script (often unaware) with specific positive self affirmations. Sit down at your desk and write by hand on paper:

Just for today:

a. I am capable.

b. I am strong.

c. I have an action plan.

#2. Do success. Write down goals and break down into specific action plan steps + time commitment.

Goal: apply for 1 position.

Step 1: Find one job (15 mins)

Step 2: Customize resume (15 mins)

Step 3: Customize cover letter (15 mins)

Step 4: Revise and submit (15 mins)

#3. Effort every day.

1. Complete set task.

2. Write down completed task. Put check mark next to it (or, put a sticker)

#4. 1/2 hour break.

#5. Return to #1 at the top. Repeat.

#careersuccess #removingbarriers

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