Doing Career Success: Campus Student Leadership Panel

FDU Career Development held a workshop with 4 STEM Student Club Leaders (ASCE; IEEE; MCAA; & SWE) to discuss with students strategies for professional success, leadership practice and succeeding at internships/jobs. Takeaways from Student Leaders:
– start early; don’t wait to be ‘perfect’
– take initiative to grow your club
– interdependence
– commitment
– authenticity
– responsibility
– courage
– time and priority management
– networking
– paying it forward
– listening
– make tough decisions with compassion
– go to interviews
– ‘fail’ over and over again until you succeed
– learn by doing
– ask questions
– connect with new people you’ve met within 24 hours
– follow through on commitments promises
– take on new roles; explore; struggle; grow.
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